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Enjoy a soothing hot stone massage in Littlehampton

Here’s an easy way to revitalise your mind and body! Treat yourself to a relaxing hot stone massage at Black Swan Body Shape Studio.
Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone therapy for men and women

Hot stone therapy is a type of deep tissue massage that is performed using warmed stones. We use smooth-surfaced stones that are made of basalt to maximise the therapeutic effect. The high iron content in basalt helps the stones retain heat during the massage.

Here at Black Swan Body Shape Studio, we are delighted to offer hot stone massage treatments for both men and women at extremely competitive prices.

Fully trained massage therapists

You will be comforted to know that all of our massage treatments are performed by fully trained therapists. When you visit us for a hot stone massage, one of our therapists will gently glide the warm basalt stones along your back and limbs. Our massage sessions:

Back, shoulders and feet: 40 mins
Back, shoulders, legs and feet: 60 mins
Full body: 90 mins
Feet: 20 mins

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage

Benefits of hot stone massages:


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