Hair removal


Hair removal services in Littlehampton

Here’s a simple and easy way to get rid of unwanted hair! Come to Black Swan Body Shape Studio. We offer long-lasting hair removal solutions.
Hair Removal Services

Hot wax treatments

Hot wax is used to remove the hair from the root. Hot wax is spread along the skin, then a piece of cloth or paper is applied and quickly ripped against the direction of hair growth.

Here at Black Swan Body Shape Studio, we offer a professional, hygienic waxing service for clients from Littlehampton and the surrounding areas.

For smooth and silky skin

Whether you need to wax your underarm or you are looking to get your bikini line shaped, you can count on us for a first-class waxing service. We use nothing but top-quality hot wax that is gentle on the skin.

We have many years of experience providing hair removal services and will perform the treatment to the highest of standards.

Hair Removal Services
Hair Removal Services
Hair Removal Services
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Our waxing treatments

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